Convention season

It seems these days that the perceived wisdom in the comics industry is there is a convention season that runs from about February (the New York Comicon) to November (Wizard World Texas). In between there are probably dozens of Conventions and they're all pretty cool.

...You know, in a nerd-chic kind of way.

Anyway, last year, I took some time off from Conventions, attending only one in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Previously, I had been regularly attending at least three: Toronto Paradise Comicon, San Diego Comicon and the aforementioned Winnipeg show. In previous years I'd also attended the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, Wizard World Texas and The Comic Expo in Toronto. Of course, going back to school, buying a house and getting married will mess with your finances and some things will have to fall by the wayside. This year I hope to get back to my "regular" schedule.

Of course, I'm still in school and I haven't quite finished with getting married, but I'm almost at a point where I'm not bleeding money anymore and starting to make some again. So maybe I'll only be able to handle two shows - we'll see. If I do end up with a table at some cons, I'll definitely be bringing along some new projects - like final printings of Against the Wall and One Last Song, as well as some other stuff I'm just getting started on - Like the Adventures of Vol Ranik at the Edge of the Galaxy. But that's something for another post...

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