Update 12/06/08

Saturday. Supposedly a day off (although I have 4 hours of Dayjob at the hospital this evening...) and a chance to be productive. Well, I guess I was, you know, in that cleaning the house, shovelling the driveway, decorating for Christmas (no I haven't done any shopping yet!) and CLEANING THE STUDIO! Yes, the garbage cluttering that room is now 99% GONE! Hurrah!

Anyway, I finished up the Christmas card for Lena and I (which is pretty funny!) and I have an idea for my "comic" one... School is winding down - I only have a couple more tests and one assignment, which I'll probably try to work on tomorrow - and around Christmas I have 2 weeks off, which will be nice. In terms of comics, I have one more page of "FISK" to ink, then I can get back on to "One Last Song"! So expect more of that in the new year.

I also have the children's book to finish up (which, honestly, should have taken a LOT less time) and a "mascot" for a tattoo shop to re-edit. But, there's kind of a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep watching this space, and you'll get to see the progress as it gets done!

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Dino said...

FISK is looking great Shawn!